About us

In 2000, Mihai Cirja had established a small used-car center in Oldenburg. Nowadays Nord-Automobile is one of the largest automotive traders in the northern region of Germany.The objective of the owner-managed company with international standards, is to be a trusting and reliable partner to its customers throughout Europe.

Extensive selection, based on attractive conditions and combined with excellent services

Moving  the  company  to  Rastede  in  June  2011,  raised  quality,  services  and  special  offers  to  a  new  level.  A  pleasant  atmopsphere  with  an  exhibition  area  of  more  than  22,000  sqm, a  modern  workshop  with  high-level  technology  for  complex  requirements  as  well  as  professional  advice  from  our  experts  complements  our  corporate  values  on  the  automotive  market.  We  strive  to  besuccessful  in  future  and  grow  in  line  with  the  tasks  ahead  of  us.  

As  partners  für  purchase  and  sale  of  automobiles  to  our  customers,  we  are  friendly,  reliable,  competent  and  committed  to  service.  Our  staff  speak  German  and  even  six  other  languages.  All  offers  are  translated  into  27  languages  -  a  special  service  offered  only  by  fa  ew  automobile  centers.

A  key  component  of  our  longterm  success  is  the  fact  that  we  are  specialists  of  all  brands  of  Volkswagen  AG  (Volkswagen,  Audi,  Skoda  and  Seat).  Nord-Automobile  stores  always  between 200  and  300  vehicles  and  offers  an  unusually  wide  product  range.  Our  company  is  convincing  due  not  only  to  its  attractice  conditions  but  also  its  multitude  of  possibilities  on  the  latest  purchase  and  sale  of  cars.  Accepting  used  vehicles,  financing  or  leasing  -  tere  is  nothing  left  to  be  desired  at  Nord-Automobile.


A high-level education and commitment to this region

Of course, Nord-Automobile is one of the training operations in the region. With us you will find a wide range of trainings from car sales person to mechatronic engineers. Our employees' qualification supports and safeguards the efficiency of our daily service.

Our business is mobility, our success based on trust and reliability. Therefore Nord-Automobile is a reliable sponsor of Oldenburger Tennisverein von 1905 (OTeV) and passionately supports any activities of ist members for many years.

Trust must tob e earned – we prove this day after day! The sales team built around Mihai Cirja is looking forward to meeting you!